I Got Picked!


When I first dove into this real food thing a few years back, I hit the internet looking for help. I had the GAPS book in hand, but seriously? I’m a visual learner in a lot of ways, and was totally overwhelmed. I needed help.

The first website I found was GNOWFGLINS, and the first recipe I tried was this one: Not So Tough Jerky. And YUM! We love this recipe. I tell everyone about it.  It’s genius. It is so much easier than making jerky with expensive sliced roast. I made it last week.  And ate the entire two pounds by myself. And am making it again this week. I am completely not joking.  Does that make it a staple?

About 8 months later in November of 2011, I found myself meeting Wardee, the mama behind GNOWFGLINS, at the annual WAPF conference.  Hello! Rockstar! I was humbled to share my family’s real food story with her, and chat with her first hand about her amazing resources.

Here I am a couple of years later. Wardee was looking for a team of contributing writers, and the perk was a complementary membership to GNOWFGLINS. Nice! I thought about it. I prayed about it. website tech info . I waited until the last minute and figured…eh. Totally out of my league, but what the heck. Clichyturkcosbars So I applied.

Well guess WHAT folks?  She received over 130 applications, and I got picked!

I’m so amazed and humbled and grateful. And not quite sure how I got lumped with these other amazing women who are now listed as GNOWFGLINS contributing writers. But I promise to give it my absolute best!

Not even 3 years ago I would have equated kombucha scoby’s and kefir grains to eye of newt and unicorn tails. Today I am getting the awesome privilege of sharing some of the things I have learned (and am still learning) on one of the most amazing real food resources on the web. That’s a heck of a hike on this learning curve, and I am so excited to share some of it with you.

So if you are not already a fan of GNOWFGLINS, please hop on over and sign up so you don’t miss a thing.  And watch for me to periodically pop up in the blog section!

Hope is contagious! Pass it on!

~ Nichole

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