A Real Food Chef: Want it?


When I first made the dive into real food and doing GAPS with Ellie, I absolutely panicked. I had no idea how to make nutrient dense broth. I had no idea how to pack kraut into jars. I needed this stuff yesterday, and I now had to also figure out how to make it.

To make matters worse we transitioned the family onto a real food, grain free diet and I had no idea how to make anything decent for my older daughter. Raw milk ice cream? Kombucha? Fudge without sugar? Almond flour muffins that weren’t only worthy of the trash can? I was running out of time, money, and ideas super fast.


Seriously. I happened to put out an S.O.S. to my local WAPF chapter, and low and behold, someone answered. I am not kidding when I say she was pivotal in my success, and helping me feel like I was not going at this alone.

She taught me classes on fermenting. She educated me on little tricks for shopping. She was on call when I was in a bind, and for at least the first year she would hear “HELP! PLEASE! I NEED some kraut right away!” or “I seriously don’t have the time to figure this out. Can you PLEASE make some chocolate ice cream?”

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have access to a real food chef??  Wouldn’t it? To pick up the phone and order some dinner that you knew would be free of all funk, cooked in the proper traditional methods, and DELIVERED?! (If you say no you are just crazy.)

Meet: Monica Ford

After some learning and getting my feet into this whole real food thing, I met Monica Ford. This woman is a Real Food Chef Rockstar.

Monica owns Real Food Devotee in the Pasadena, CA area. She creates, makes, and serves real, traditionally prepared foods to those looking for healthy family meals, or for nutrient dense foods needed for healing. She is an awesome resource. She prepares weekly menus, and she will deliver. I can not even tell you the amount of times I have heard a tired and time stretched GAPS mama say “I just WISH I could get a properly prepared, GAPS friendly meal delivered to my door.” This is exactly what Monica does.

MonicaWAPConf - Copy

Monica and I at the WAPF Annual Conference a couple years back.


And now she is doing something ELSE amazing!

Monica has teamed up with Elaina Luther of Culture Club 101 to build their own kitchen, and create their own facility for teaching, preparing, and serving. Their goal is to build a facility that is not only equipped with a commercial kitchen, but one that trains those who want to learn, and that provides a retail market for real, nutrient dense foods. YES! It’s true!

A place that will give back to the community. A place that will not only be a resource for purchasing real food products, but leave a legacy by teaching others how to create nutrient dense food in their own home.

Once upon a time I just needed someone to show me how to make broth so that I could begin healing my desperately sick 18 month old. Without that someone to help me I would have been lost. Support like this is critical. adsense protection Monica’s resources are NEEDED. Won’t you help HER continue with her mission?

Monica has an active Kickstarter campaign to build her OWN kitchen, where she can accomplish her goals without the limitations of sharing someone else’s commercial kitchen.

PLEASE take 5 minutes to hop over and read more about the founding of Real Food Culture Kitchen, and the amazing place it will be. You can even choose to have your name permanently engraved on the Hero Wall in their new kitchen for everyone to see. How cool is that? 😀 Hope is contagious! Pass it on!

~ Nichole

CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter Campaign. 

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